Travel Bucket List!

Hello my loves! It’s been a while, I got my wisdom teeth removed and I’m high key dying (praise the lord for hydrocodone!) On top of that my prayers had been answered, my sweet husband and I found a church in our area that was everything we’ve been searching for! Im going to start doing life update posts for all my family members who are out of town and want to be able to watch my husband and I’s first few years of marriage.

Now onto the topic, My travel bucketlist! I’m going to list 5 places I want to travel to so badly and hope I get the chance to in the next 5 years!

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I cannot pin point the exact moment I wanted to go to Cabo so badly but for the last year it’s all I’ve wanted haha! I mean it is a resort city and looks stunning, I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico as well. It’s one of those places I can see myself just chilling and actually having a relaxing vacation that’s less about sight seeing and more about enjoying the scenery around wherever you’re staying. Specifically I would want to stay at the esperenza resort pictured above.

2. New York City, USA.

New York City is one of those places I’ve dreamed of going since I could remember. While the streets smell and the noise never stops and it can be overwhelming, I want nothing more than to just be able to see the city lights high up in a hotel room, listen to some Michael Bublé and drink some wine. That to me would be a paradise. Maybe catch a taping of Jimmy Fallon and try some of the food the city has to offer, yummy!!

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is another place I’ve been fascinated with recently, it might be a daunting and long airplane ride but oh my goodness, I would love the experience and to set foot on those beaches that are so far from home. I’d love to experience the difference of cultures as well.

4. Paris, France.

Oh Paris, I’ve dreamed of it since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of the French countryside and the pastries. Definitely one of the places I would love to visit one day, not so much of the tourist attractions but getting down to the vein of the city.

5. Tuscany, Italy.

OH yes, take me to anywhere honestly in Italy. Rome, Tuscany, etc. Wine and cheese tasting please! Or to even explore Rome but honestly if I had to choose it would have to be Tuscany. Those rolling hills and gorgeous golden, tan buildings with so much history.

Honestly there are so many more places I’d love to visit and I’ll probably do a part two but for now this is what I can manage haha! Hopefully my next post will be a bit longer and detailed once I’m off these pain meds!


Sydney Stevenson.

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