How to keep consistent with your blog & social media while battling mental health Obstacles.

It’s a story I know all too well…

You get pumped, you got your filter chosen, you’ve got your new blog all designed and pretty! Probably spent a couple bucks to make sure it looks super neat and shiny and then boom…suddenly all motivation is gone and your depression, anxiety, etc just makes it impossible to want to put any effort or time into your social media. (Apart from being 52 weeks deep in your cousin’s best friend’s ex’s instagram.)

I’ve done this numerous of times. I just loose the steam after a couple of hours of insane inspiration! So how did I keep it this time around? How do I consistently keep at it?

  1. Have a cheerleader. Seriously, if you find someone to help hold yourself accountable you will already be doing yourself a huge favor. My husband is my cheerleader! This post wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for his support he gives me to do what I love and keep me towing the line because mental health is tricky!!
  2. SLOW DOWN. Burnout happens. Burnout happens A LOT. You go absolutely crazy with social media and blogging and let it consume all of your time. Make a schedule for yourself. Look up prime hours to post on Instagram, schedule your posts. Write a couple of blog pieces ahead of time. Quality over quantity. Sanity over insanity! Pace yourself.
  3. Negative thinking breeds a negative atmosphere. Do not get caught up on numbers, seriously…I can’t tell you how many times I got discouraged and kept thinking to myself my ‘follower growth isn’t enough, no one will engage with me, I can’t do this, I feel like I’m putting in all this effort.’ First of all, if you find yourself obsessing over these things are you in it for the right reasons? Figure out your “Why” and reach out to those with similar why’s to help you! But most importantly try to snap yourself out of that negative thinking. It kills more dreams than anything.
  4. SELF CARE OK I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you don’t care for your mind and body you’re not gonna be able to put out what you’re needing to in order to get the results you want. You’re wanting to build yourself an empire? Make a pretty instagram feed? Take a shower, drink lots of water, try to lighten up your spaces, paint your nails, do a facial mask. Get into that vibe you want to put out there.
  5. Take your medicine. Whether it’s an anxiety med, depression med, med in general, or vitamins & supplements or that protein smoothie that just gets you going! Make sure to stay consistent, your body needs that rhythm.

I’ll do a part II of this covering a bit more of the emotional aspect of things that can be applied to pretty much anything you’re needing to do or get done in your life. Mental health is tricky, having a mental disability or struggle is also very tricky, there are days you don’t even want to get out of bed. Trust me though, hindsight and self care go a looooong way.

What topics would you like to see me cover? Leave a comment below!

All my love & until next time!


Sydney Stevenson

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