The Biggest Mistake New Social Media Influencers/Moguls Make…

…I only know because I too made this mistake.

It seems like an amazing idea at first, I mean after all it isn’t free so it can’t be too good to be true right? No.

The one mistake I see being made is buying followers or earning followers by earning coins and spending them on apps such as InstaGain or Smoon. Yeah it inflates your follower count but the thing is 95% of those followers are ghost accounts. Many brands and apps such as TRIBE have systems that can see if your following is “legitimate.” and if they see a high rate of ghost followers or people with whacky numbers they won’t allow you to be an influencer. Now that is only one aspect of why its a massive mistake to buy followers.

Even if you don’t want to be an influencer or have paid ads or make a bit of extra change from your instagram, you don’t want a legitimate follower or someone who wants to collaborate with you see that 95% of your following are ghosties. It gives you a bad reputation and some people could even take it as you being dishonest, when in reality you thought it was a quick way to boost your numbers and get the traction going! Ultimately it is up to you, but when it comes down to Instagrams algorithm, it’s ALL about engagement. I’ve luckily built an engaging following while slowly ridding my account of the ghosties, but do yourself and your thumbs a favor and don’t buy followers, because one day you could decide you really want to make a living out of your hobby and when it comes time to make that $ you are unable to due to the fact your following…really isn’t a following when all this time you could have been focused on building an organic and engaging following.

It’s like the saying our parents used to tell us when we would be depressed about not having many friends. “I’d rather have a quarter than 25 pennies.” And in this case, it’s like that. It’s better to have 100 engaging followers than 40K ghost accounts who don’t even throw you a like every once in a while.

Until next time!


Sydney Stevenson

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  1. Ella Rose

    I agree completely. On Muse I have noticed that most people with thousands of followers are actually ghost accounts and even their likes!! We all end up with some because of the bots, but patiently growing your feed organically is the way to go. I try to engage with like minded people and focus on having a feed people want to engage in. Nice post ❤️

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