The one where Sydney introduces herself.

I guess we will chalk this up to an introductory first time post! I am sure two people will read this, if you are one of those two… Hello!

I have always wanted to do a blog, I have so much in this head of mine, so much I wish to write about, take pictures of, etc. My main goal with this site is to make it a place where you can come to look at pretty things, laugh and not feel so alone. Too often in the blogosphere/instagram universe people’s lives look, well…perfect! What I am setting out to do is being brutally honest because somewhere out there is a 20 something student living off of ramen whilst crying about finals or a 30 something woman who’s children are causing her to loose her hair and can’t mange to even get alone time in the bathroom OR a 40 something woman who is realizing oh shit this is my one and only life while sticking her head in a freezer because pre-menopause is a bitch (PRE? This. is. PRE?!) all while looking down at a phone with someones near to perfect feed with the pretty filters, etc. I like pretty filters and gorgeous instagrams! I am guilty of trying to make my own look pretty and organized and I am here to tell you nothing is wrong with that, but its high time to stop comparing perfect moments to our everyday lives. Because let me tell you, when I took a pretty photo of my keurig cup holder my back was out from unpacking all my crap and doing dishes. Did I mention I was dripping sweat? Yeah…not pretty.

Sweaty-dying inside woman behind this photo. 

I like having a pretty instagram, I like to make everyday things pretty ❤  but that is exactly the point. I’m not striving for perfection but striving for perfect imperfection.

Well until next time my loves, I guess now I just need to figure out if I want to keep doing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. titles for my post names or switch it up from time to time… Opinions?


Sydney Stevenson.


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