Travel Bucket List!

Hello my loves! It’s been a while, I got my wisdom teeth removed and I’m high key dying (praise the lord for hydrocodone!) On top of that my prayers had been answered, my sweet husband and I found a church in our area that was everything we’ve been searching for! Im going to start doing life update posts for all my family members who are out of town and want to be able to watch my husband and I’s first few years of marriage.

Now onto the topic, My travel bucketlist! I’m going to list 5 places I want to travel to so badly and hope I get the chance to in the next 5 years!

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I cannot pin point the exact moment I wanted to go to Cabo so badly but for the last year it’s all I’ve wanted haha! I mean it is a resort city and looks stunning, I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico as well. It’s one of those places I can see myself just chilling and actually having a relaxing vacation that’s less about sight seeing and more about enjoying the scenery around wherever you’re staying. Specifically I would want to stay at the esperenza resort pictured above.

2. New York City, USA.

New York City is one of those places I’ve dreamed of going since I could remember. While the streets smell and the noise never stops and it can be overwhelming, I want nothing more than to just be able to see the city lights high up in a hotel room, listen to some Michael Bublé and drink some wine. That to me would be a paradise. Maybe catch a taping of Jimmy Fallon and try some of the food the city has to offer, yummy!!

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is another place I’ve been fascinated with recently, it might be a daunting and long airplane ride but oh my goodness, I would love the experience and to set foot on those beaches that are so far from home. I’d love to experience the difference of cultures as well.

4. Paris, France.

Oh Paris, I’ve dreamed of it since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of the French countryside and the pastries. Definitely one of the places I would love to visit one day, not so much of the tourist attractions but getting down to the vein of the city.

5. Tuscany, Italy.

OH yes, take me to anywhere honestly in Italy. Rome, Tuscany, etc. Wine and cheese tasting please! Or to even explore Rome but honestly if I had to choose it would have to be Tuscany. Those rolling hills and gorgeous golden, tan buildings with so much history.

Honestly there are so many more places I’d love to visit and I’ll probably do a part two but for now this is what I can manage haha! Hopefully my next post will be a bit longer and detailed once I’m off these pain meds!


Sydney Stevenson.

How to keep consistent with your blog & social media while battling mental health Obstacles.

It’s a story I know all too well…

You get pumped, you got your filter chosen, you’ve got your new blog all designed and pretty! Probably spent a couple bucks to make sure it looks super neat and shiny and then boom…suddenly all motivation is gone and your depression, anxiety, etc just makes it impossible to want to put any effort or time into your social media. (Apart from being 52 weeks deep in your cousin’s best friend’s ex’s instagram.)

I’ve done this numerous of times. I just loose the steam after a couple of hours of insane inspiration! So how did I keep it this time around? How do I consistently keep at it?

  1. Have a cheerleader. Seriously, if you find someone to help hold yourself accountable you will already be doing yourself a huge favor. My husband is my cheerleader! This post wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for his support he gives me to do what I love and keep me towing the line because mental health is tricky!!
  2. SLOW DOWN. Burnout happens. Burnout happens A LOT. You go absolutely crazy with social media and blogging and let it consume all of your time. Make a schedule for yourself. Look up prime hours to post on Instagram, schedule your posts. Write a couple of blog pieces ahead of time. Quality over quantity. Sanity over insanity! Pace yourself.
  3. Negative thinking breeds a negative atmosphere. Do not get caught up on numbers, seriously…I can’t tell you how many times I got discouraged and kept thinking to myself my ‘follower growth isn’t enough, no one will engage with me, I can’t do this, I feel like I’m putting in all this effort.’ First of all, if you find yourself obsessing over these things are you in it for the right reasons? Figure out your “Why” and reach out to those with similar why’s to help you! But most importantly try to snap yourself out of that negative thinking. It kills more dreams than anything.
  4. SELF CARE OK I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you don’t care for your mind and body you’re not gonna be able to put out what you’re needing to in order to get the results you want. You’re wanting to build yourself an empire? Make a pretty instagram feed? Take a shower, drink lots of water, try to lighten up your spaces, paint your nails, do a facial mask. Get into that vibe you want to put out there.
  5. Take your medicine. Whether it’s an anxiety med, depression med, med in general, or vitamins & supplements or that protein smoothie that just gets you going! Make sure to stay consistent, your body needs that rhythm.

I’ll do a part II of this covering a bit more of the emotional aspect of things that can be applied to pretty much anything you’re needing to do or get done in your life. Mental health is tricky, having a mental disability or struggle is also very tricky, there are days you don’t even want to get out of bed. Trust me though, hindsight and self care go a looooong way.

What topics would you like to see me cover? Leave a comment below!

All my love & until next time!


Sydney Stevenson

The Biggest Mistake New Social Media Influencers/Moguls Make…

…I only know because I too made this mistake.

It seems like an amazing idea at first, I mean after all it isn’t free so it can’t be too good to be true right? No.

The one mistake I see being made is buying followers or earning followers by earning coins and spending them on apps such as InstaGain or Smoon. Yeah it inflates your follower count but the thing is 95% of those followers are ghost accounts. Many brands and apps such as TRIBE have systems that can see if your following is “legitimate.” and if they see a high rate of ghost followers or people with whacky numbers they won’t allow you to be an influencer. Now that is only one aspect of why its a massive mistake to buy followers.

Even if you don’t want to be an influencer or have paid ads or make a bit of extra change from your instagram, you don’t want a legitimate follower or someone who wants to collaborate with you see that 95% of your following are ghosties. It gives you a bad reputation and some people could even take it as you being dishonest, when in reality you thought it was a quick way to boost your numbers and get the traction going! Ultimately it is up to you, but when it comes down to Instagrams algorithm, it’s ALL about engagement. I’ve luckily built an engaging following while slowly ridding my account of the ghosties, but do yourself and your thumbs a favor and don’t buy followers, because one day you could decide you really want to make a living out of your hobby and when it comes time to make that $ you are unable to due to the fact your following…really isn’t a following when all this time you could have been focused on building an organic and engaging following.

It’s like the saying our parents used to tell us when we would be depressed about not having many friends. “I’d rather have a quarter than 25 pennies.” And in this case, it’s like that. It’s better to have 100 engaging followers than 40K ghost accounts who don’t even throw you a like every once in a while.

Until next time!


Sydney Stevenson

The one where Sydney introduces herself.

I guess we will chalk this up to an introductory first time post! I am sure two people will read this, if you are one of those two… Hello!

I have always wanted to do a blog, I have so much in this head of mine, so much I wish to write about, take pictures of, etc. My main goal with this site is to make it a place where you can come to look at pretty things, laugh and not feel so alone. Too often in the blogosphere/instagram universe people’s lives look, well…perfect! What I am setting out to do is being brutally honest because somewhere out there is a 20 something student living off of ramen whilst crying about finals or a 30 something woman who’s children are causing her to loose her hair and can’t mange to even get alone time in the bathroom OR a 40 something woman who is realizing oh shit this is my one and only life while sticking her head in a freezer because pre-menopause is a bitch (PRE? This. is. PRE?!) all while looking down at a phone with someones near to perfect feed with the pretty filters, etc. I like pretty filters and gorgeous instagrams! I am guilty of trying to make my own look pretty and organized and I am here to tell you nothing is wrong with that, but its high time to stop comparing perfect moments to our everyday lives. Because let me tell you, when I took a pretty photo of my keurig cup holder my back was out from unpacking all my crap and doing dishes. Did I mention I was dripping sweat? Yeah…not pretty.

Sweaty-dying inside woman behind this photo. 

I like having a pretty instagram, I like to make everyday things pretty ❤  but that is exactly the point. I’m not striving for perfection but striving for perfect imperfection.

Well until next time my loves, I guess now I just need to figure out if I want to keep doing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. titles for my post names or switch it up from time to time… Opinions?


Sydney Stevenson.