Hello Everyone!

So here we are…this feels crazy to me as I’ve tried starting blogs before but something feels different about this one…like this is going to actually end up being something I stick with and continue doing.

So my name is Sydney, I am a wife, homemaker, Christian lightworker/witch, Cat Mom, Adventurer, Artist, TV & Movie junkie, Crystal collector and so much more…I’m a lot of things so it’s hard to just focus on one thing so this blog is going to be a mixing pot of all sorts of things!

As I write this I’m sitting in bed watching Parks & Recreation asking myself if a blog would be a good idea, I have dreams, goals, and a life I would like to document but would anyone even be interested in reading? What if I have something to offer? I want anyone out there with a similar spirituality like mine to not feel alone, I want any other fellow young wives to know they’re not alone, I’d also like to make someone laugh! I also want others to not feel like they have to be perfect in this instagram world…

God I wish my life looked like my Pinterest boards and was as beautifully composed as Instagram feeds. I guess I want to highlight the good and also highlight the bad because well, I am different and being a size 8 instagram influencer in Bali is just not in the cards here, instead I will be living vicariously through her and raising my wine filled glass to her while I scratch my cats stomach

See here’s the thing, I don’t do spells, I’m horrible at being disciplined with myself when it comes to food, I love Netflix way too much, I don’t see the future, I don’t even have a house, but I’m real who also knows how to make a kick butt instagram feed and take some good photos. (I almost studied graphic design but noticed almost everyone else was and my sixteen year old self knew that it just wasn’t going to work so I just learned things myself!)

So here I am, raw, real and going on a journey and I want all of you with me because why not?

I will see you around!